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  1. Hi, do you still do caricature work? What are your rates for a family of four? Do we need to come to your location, or where would we meet?
    Also, what are your rates for a Sacramento area birthday party? Thanks!

    • Mike Tofanelli

      Hi Justin,
      Good to hear from you. I had just responded about a half hour ago to your initial email with some pricing info and I’m not sure if you received it yet or if our messages crossed. I’m happy to reprint an abbreviated version here:

      My rates for gift caricature can vary greatly depending on size, complexity, etc. I typically work digitally and from digital photos provided by client. For example, a family (2 adults, 2 kids) in full color at 11×14 size can start around $600. My style for gift caricatures is a comic book style (I attached samples of this style to my previous email).

      My rate for your Sac area birthday party is $125 per hour with a two hour minimum. Please alert me of the time and date of your event asap so I can determine my availability.
      Thank you very much,

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